Our MGOCSM forum in Facebook has crossed over 10000 members!!!

Dear Fiends….
Today, Our MGOCSM forum has crossed over 10000 members…..on this happy occasion, We would like to express our sincere thanks to one and all, who has helped us in various ways, helped us to reach this level. Now this forum has become one among the biggest Orthodox forums in Facebook in numbers. We would also see to it that content wise we mature and improve in the years to follow. This is an unofficial Group of MGOCSM, basically an Orthodox Youth Forum, run by Orthodox Church members, with an aim to developing Orthodox mind consciousness, Orthodox faith and spirituality among the young generation, thereby strengthening strong Faith in Lord Jesus Christ. The members can also use this forum for healthy discussions on Bible, Orthodox Faith and Church matters. Moreover, this is an opportunity to share MGOCSM, Church News and other news of General Orthodox interest.On this occasion, we are ever thankful to the God Almighty for helping us to come together through this forum and to form a web mission team named MGOCSM Diaspora Team. Through this forum we met together and formed entire Diaspora team. Andwww.mgocsmdiaspora.org is the outcome of this forum. I would express my sincere congratulations to Mrs. Cincy Mariam Thomas (Cincy Kochamma) who started this group on 20th June 2011. Also expressing my sincere thanks to all Admins (MGOCSM Diaspora Team), who have come of this forum to learn, study and share and administer the group well.
Let us encourage in each other every possible positive way to bring the Kingdom of God and through our every moment and deeds let us glorify our Triune God. Humbly submitting ourselves in the Mercy of our Abba Almighty…


May the God Bless You All


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Fr.Thomas Philipose (Senior Admin)
Along with other 13 Members in Admin Panel.

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