Gems from the holy fathers! (Feast of Resurrection)

With the onset of the Feast of Resurrection of our Lord, the liturgical calendar of the Indian Orthodox Church welcomed the new season- the joyous period from Kymtho till Feast of Pentecost. A word of caution (for this period) from the Late Lamented His Holiness Pope Shenouda III:
“Not fasting during the fifty days from Easter to Whitsun (Feast of Pentecost) is one thing.
But eating without restraint is something else.
Since these fifty days are a celebration period, neither fasting nor ‘matanias’ (prostrations in prayer) are allowed, but that does not mean that a person should lose his self-control, otherwise when he eats, whether it is at an appropriate time to eat or not, it will be in such a way that he harms himself spiritually and physically and loses the spiritual benefits of the Lenten fast and the Holy Week.” -Late Lamented His Holiness Pope Shenouda III (Page 33, Experiences in Life, translated by Mrs. Gylnis Younan, edition 1997)

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