• Jesus Says “I Love You”

    Often, those who have injured us the most have been love’s greatest spokesmen. The two faced husband sang, “My bride, my jewel, I love you!” only to kiss her cheek and depart to his mistress’s

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  • Line was like an arrow to my heart. “I don’t want to waste Crohn’s.”

    Recently, I wrote this piece, “Why I’ve not been Angry at God” encouraging people, when we feel hurt and angry we can either bring this before God and stay connected to him, or turn away

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  • Why I’ve not been Angry at God

    Recently I said those words to a group of people: “It is never, ever, right to be angry with God.” As I looked out on the people there was an incredulous look on many faces. This was

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The Jesus Prayer – Part 2

Part 1 – (Click here) Yesterday we learnt the introduction of the Jesus Prayer, as an ‘arrow prayer’ which is centered on the Holy Name of Jesus and when used specifically cab

The Jesus Prayer


TEN Prayerful Days in the Upper Room

TEN Prayerful Days in the Upper Room On the Sunday, after ten days, on the Feast of Pentecost, the Church celebrates the Descent of the Holy Spirit. Before ascending the heaven, our Lord Jesus

Historical Places


HH Mathews II: A Vibrant and Charismatic Leader

The most defining attribute of HH Mathews II Catholicose was his smile. People who met him, even if they forget his name will not forget his never fading smile. He was one of the most Charismatic

The Jesus Prayer